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    Five bars plate


    GB0600 stripes. Dots and wove face sheet series
    Performance: With middle pressure, waterproof
    Uses: The products are widely used, can be used in hotels, sports venues, conference rooms, airports, ports, ships, vehicles and other units, floors, walkways paved, decor
    Features: rotary curing machine production without joints, a shape, bright color, non-polluting
    Parameters: Specific Gravity: 1.5 to 1.7; Tearing: 3Mpa; Elongation: 250%; Hardness: 65 ° ± 5 °
    Color: black, red, green, gray and other color for your choice
    Packaging: bags, film bags, fixed-length, given the weight of packaging

    GB0606 bar board
    Parameters: 3 ~ 8mm * 1.5m * 30m
    Color: black, white, gray, red, green, blue, etc.
    Features: non-slip, wear-resistant, waterproof, better shock resistance and toughness
    Usage: suitable for hotels, restaurants, stadiums and other floor coverings

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