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    Nanjing Gaochun medium-sized enterprises to actively participate in national standards


    Newspaper reporters Caimei Ping / text

    In Nanjing , Jiangsu Gaochun not considered a good industrial base in the county , the total county business is not much, but in recent years it has become associated companies have five main drafter of the national standard , respectively, led the development of nine national standards.

    Recently, Gaochun Nanjing Parkinson Rubber Products Co., Ltd. ( hereinafter referred to as Parkinson Rubber ) plant a busy start at peer companies discontinued or reduced when the company has production plants at full capacity 24 hours a day .

    Quality supervision staff saw the arrival of the companys chairman Zhang was greeted warmly received . He told reporters the sentence: . " Quality Supervision Bureau before people came, I was not out to meet , and now even a general staff , I have come to talk with him ," one of the reasons is under the guidance of Gaochun County Bureau of Quality Supervision , by virtue of the way to go standardization , Parkinson Rubber previously on this scale can only be considered the finest in the country s enterprises, the rapid development of the industry s leading enterprises , sales booming .

    When it comes to standardized way to go , Zhang received only be summed up with four stages : "From indifferent to the face , to devote their energies , to now see the effect , tasted the sweetness ." 2005 , Zhang received only thought about doing standards, but at that time was the main thought is how to increase production. Until May 2007 , the Secretary for Quality Supervision Gaochun Zhou Jun expensive remarks , made him realize the importance of the road to go standardization of enterprise development . Then with the help and guidance of Gaochun County Bureau of Quality Supervision , after a year of hard work , Parkinson Rubber presided over the drafting of the " industrial rubber sheet " national standards, in April 2008 formally approved the release , and in October of that year 1 officially implemented . The company achieved sales of 100% on the year , revenue doubled compared to 2007 , reaching 63 million yuan , nearly 400 million turned over to state tax . The face of the financial crisis , the companys foreign orders increased by more than 200% than before . "Now we have to go out of business managers to run the business , as long as the standards that we developed with the past on it , which for us , the crisis is the opportunity ." Zhang received only joy was palpable.

    Currently, Parkinson Rubber has applied to build "flexible pavement material" National Professional Committee , has now entered the stage of publicity . In 2010, the company will also increase the production lines , fight tax paid 10 million yuan .

    Since the beginning of 2007 Gaochun county government since the brand strategy as one of "three engines " Gaochun economic development, Gaochun County Bureau of Quality Supervision and guide enterprises to adopt international standards and foreign advanced standards , helping enterprises to develop and participate in the development of national technology innovation standards. The Bureau also use services available information , to build products supporting information platform in recommending excellent quality Gaochun Famous . In vigorously promote local quality supervision bureau , in addition to Parkinson Rubber , the red sun, red Polaroid earth waterjet , Gaochun ceramic four companies were also led the development of 3 - methyl pyridine, solar water heater with a hard polyurethane foam monoisopropanolamine , diisopropanolamine , high pressure water jet cutting machine, honeycomb ceramic , porcelain and other daily-use national standards to become Gaochun economic card.

    Enterprise Allard says : "Do products to make a point , do the brand to earn a hair, do make a standard ." Five enterprises have tasted the participation of national standards , has won the right to speak of the sweetness of the market , many customers directed at national standards from the name of the first companies , these companies greatly increased orders , but also out of the vicious circle of price competition . " China Quality News

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