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    Secret global rubber industry potential shares: bioplastics deserved


    Today, plastics have infiltrated every aspect of our lives, from the beginning not to be received now almost inseparable , after the end of the rainbow plastics industry storm . However, with the extensive use of plastic products, plastic waste have piled up , and can not be degraded. Although bring convenience to our daily life , indeed to the community to bring more trouble.

    In order to control environmental pollution , the state introduced the corresponding environmental policy , while encouraging public saving and environmental protection , green conservation, along with the growing awareness of environmental protection , environmental protection biodegradable materials popular. The advantages of bioplastics manufactured with no petroleum products, after use will be self- decomposition , is about to replace traditional plastics into our lives .

    Recently, the global economic uncertainty , but in South America , led by Brazil with the automotive industry , medical industry and the development of bio- plastics , can still bring a new atmosphere to another piece rubber industry . Despite the current bio-based plastics industry is still in its early stages of development , then its momentum of rapid development in recent years , has been initially established its important position in the commercial market indispensable.

    New applications in the automotive and electronics industries will drive the growth of bioplastics demand, although the packaging will remain the dominant position in the market , its share is expected to decline by 65% in 2007 to 40% in 2025 . By 2025, Asia will be the bioplastics market leader , accounting for about 32% of the market share, followed by Europe accounted for 31% , the United States accounted for 28 %.

    As consumers increasingly shift to plastic product preferences , renewable heat environmentally friendly materials sought by the market continues to heat up . Under its influence, bio-based plastics market demand intensified. In addition, composite plastics processors and manufacturers in product design innovation is to further expand the application fields of bio-based plastics.

    In China , the largest bioplastics research and production base, has also been opened to build industrial park in Wuhan Jiangxia happy , after the completion of the base capacity can be increased to 100,000 tons of bioplastics , however , how the field of environmentally friendly plastic from the current daily thin profit , shifting the focus to the field of industrial environmental plastic high value-added , a common problem is that the base nationwide bioplastics facing enterprises.

    Editors conclusion : many data show that foreign bioplastics have a very good development, and temporarily in the country is still in its infancy , the main factor is the raw material for the production of bioplastics need to use corn and other grain crops , so bioplastics price will be higher than ordinary plastic manufacturers profit is relatively small, but the masses can not accurately identify bioplastics . With the increasing awareness of environmental protection , the government s environmental policies have been put forward , bio- degradable plastics in the future will occupy a larger market , is committed to research and development to produce bio- plastics have become a major business development opportunity not to be missed . ( Bio Valley Bioon.com)

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