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    Plastic waste utilization technology is expected to accelerate the pace of industrialization


    HC plastic mesh News : December 26 , the Ministry issued the " utilization of renewable resources, advanced technologies Catalog ( second batch ) " (draft ) , utilization of technology in the 37 included in the directory , including the use of waste plastics technology 5 , the use of waste rubber tire technology 8 . The " catalog " The introduction of comprehensive utilization of renewable resources for technology companies use to provide guidance to better promote the industrialization of advanced technologies .

        5 plastic waste utilization technologies include : waste plastic garbage utilization and new production technology of chemical building materials , medical waste plastics pyrolysis and gasification of waste rubber outfit and technology , waste recycling PTFE resources and technical equipment , modular bidirectional build drainage three-dimensional green technology, the use of new cotton waste plastics recycling packaging materials technologies.

        The inclusion of "directory" 8 waste rubber tires using technology , there are truck series tire vulcanized rubber powder technology equipment and technology , waste tire rubber powder room temperature mechanical Preparation of automated production lines, the use of waste recycled rubber tire manufacturing of high-performance technology, waste tires rubber powder rubber asphalt application technology , production mixing rubber ethylene propylene recovery and recycling technology of new technology , micro- fiber reinforcement material waste rubber composite manufacturing technology , vulcanized butyl rubber multistage regenerative restoration desulfurization technology , industrial control integrated waste plastic tire pyrolysis technology and equipment.

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