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    Industry experts Zheng Yunjie: automotive rubber products energy saving effect is remarkable


    Zhejiang 2013-10-18 ( China GLOBE NEWSWIRE) - 2012 is Chinas " Twelfth Five-Year Plan" the following year , the plastics processing industry actively tap the potential to open up international markets. Currently, the demand for plastic products still maintain a growth momentum , particularly in the field of plastic materials is not weaker than the growth momentum of previous years , even though the global financial crisis, the situation remains substantial growth .

    In recent years, the car has become the main direction of lightweight automotive materials development, energy saving and environmental protection have become two major issues of the automotive industry , and plastics and composites, alloys can accelerate the automotive industry is an ideal material to achieve this goal ; using plastic car the greatest benefit of the member is to reduce vehicle weight and reduce the cost of the process, improve some performance cars .

    " Xianju County Cheung -car parts factory ," Zheng Yunjie think , automotive plastic parts instead of expensive non-ferrous metal and alloy material parts , not only to reduce vehicle weight , lower fuel consumption and hydrocarbon emissions , but also improve power , harsh environment, increase safety and recyclable plastic , thus saving the consumption of resources in the manufacturing process , make the car more final breakthrough in terms of both safety and cost .

    " Xianju County Cheung -car parts factory "鄭云杰said, " As a result, the plastic in the automotive applications but also for automotive design more humane , diversification and comfortable interior , aesthetics convenience , lower parts processing , assembly and maintenance costs can be seen , the plastic parts of the car is a major trend in todays international automotive industry . "

    According to the " International Metal & Plastic Industry " report : developed countries such as Japan, USA, Germany, the amount of plastic in the vehicle around 150kg, an average of 10-15% of the total weight of the car ; cars own weight reduced by 1 %, can fuel a % ; every car moving parts to reduce by 1%, 2% of available fuel . This makes the plastic material of choice for automotive lightweight timber .

    " Xianju County Cheung -car parts factory " is the private enterprise car dust cover , O-rings , rubber parts , the combination of gaskets, seals , fenders , PTFE rings , high pressure washers and other professional production and processing , the company headquartered in Xianju under Sanyang bottom XIANJU Xiang -car parts factory has a complete and scientific quality management system. In recent years, "Cheung Automotive Parts" following in the footsteps of market development, on the one hand increase the technological input , on the other hand focus on market development , product quality has been steadily improving , and a certain degree of economic and social benefits . " Xiang Tong Auto Parts" Zheng Yunjie think , "If you want based on the market , we must build a new service concept : reputation first , quality first , service first , customer first strictly follow the rules of the market trade , the development of partnerships, in order to progress while maintaining stability . "

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